Clipboard Magnet - Clipboard Magnet is a small utility that automagically saves textual content from the clipboard to file. With Clipboard Magnet, you can continuously copy large amounts of text without the worry of overwriting your previous clipboard content. Especially handy utility for writers, webmasters, and programmers.

Jotzy - Based on a popular dice game with a similar sounding name. Ideas you can learn from this project include: a high score table, themes, sound effects, rectangles, mouse-overs (hints), user defined types.

Mirror - Mirror is an easy to use freeware tool that duplicates a folder structure to a new location. Mirror is portable, requires no formal installation, and is multi-threaded so it has little to no impact on system resources. Only files and folders that have been added/modified are copied, so disk writes are held to a minimum with the result being a much faster backup compared to traditional methods.

Chmod Calc - Calculates UNIX file permissions. Handy utility when working on files from a Telenet/SSH session. Shows permissions in Octal, Binary & Symbolic notation.

Draglist - An example that demonstrates how to drag/reorder items in a listbox.

Owner Drawn Listbox - An example that demonstrates how to place a bitmap beside each item in a listbox.

BCX MP3 Player - An example mp3 player with volume control. Scans a folder for mp3 files & plays them.

1 Minute Solitaire - Match cards by suit or rank. Hope you're quick...

link - A demonstration of adding hyperlink functionality to a multi-line edit control. To open a link press the control key and left-click inside the brackets.

Keygen - A simple key generator demo for your applications. When you enter the user's name, a key will be created along with an introductory message.

MRU - An acronym meaning 'Most Recently Used'; this example gives your application a history of previously opened files so your user can quickly get to the task at hand.

Resource to HTML - A nifty demo showing you how to embed an HTML file in your code and then call Internet Explorer to read the resource - without extracting the resource first, pretty cool really. A nice alternative to external CHM files.

BCX Calc III - Four function calculator with several bits to learn from: full keyboard handler, toggle num lock, calculations saved to tape, rectangle arrays, how to implent html help, WM_PAINT.

Number Maze - 'Try To Go Home'. Click horizontally or vertically the number of tiles as indicated by the highlited tile.

Numb - Generates a secret random number based on how many digits you chose. Guess what that number is in the least number of tries. Submitted by Dr.X.

Anomaly - A mathematical conundrum!

Cell Blaster - Eliminate all cells & you win. If the window becomes full of cells, you loose. Three skill levels: Newbie, Hombre, Guru...

Hot Spot - Automagically starts one of: system screen saver, minimize all windows, or run an exteranl app when the mouse rests within the top left hand corner of the screen.

Shanghai Mahjongg - Featuring the classic 'Turtle' layout. Has a shaped window, hints, undo last move, and some nifty sound effects. Help file included.

1 Way - To win, all green arrows should be on the left and all blue arrows should be on the right. Click an arrow to move it. An arrow can only move in the direction it points. An arrow can move forward to an empty spot, or hop over another arrow regardless of color.

Jellybean - A silly little Windows program that causes your Start button to avoid your mouse. Its that plain and simple. To run JellyBean, just launch it from a shortcut with the '/HIDE' argument. Unloads via the hotkey 'Alt J'.

The Towers of Hanoi - A puzzle invented by the French mathematician Edouard Lucas in 1883. The objective is to transfer the entire tower to one of the other pegs, moving only one disk at a time and never a larger one onto a smaller.

Liar - An optical illusion. This man is a liar, do you see?

Usa Quiz - Try to correctly match a graphic of a random state to one of three other states. Quiz mode with three skill levels.

Eye Exam - A gag to test your eye site...

Tetravex - Place the tiles in the grid in the proper position. Two tiles can only be placed next to each other if the numbers on adjacent edges match. Each tile can only be in one specific spot.

Domino Solitaire - Sort all dominoes by group placing each domino in its proper cell. Challenging but every game is solvable.

Letter Pattern - The pattern is simple, once you spot it...

Parallel - An optical illusion. Are the lines spaced as they appear?

Bugs - A riddle for the ahem 'Entomologist' in us all.

n-Gate - A puzzle where you drag each tile to the cell with the matching pips. You may move to any cell that's unoccupied (excepting passing through a gate or passing over a cell that's occupied).

Flag Quiz - Try to correctly match a random flag to one of three countries. Quiz mode with three skill levels.

Cubes - An optical illusion. Can you reckon the correct number of cubes? Hmm...

Clockwise - A physical conundrum, sort of like trying to simultaneously 'pat your head and rub your belly'.

Sequence - An optical illusion. Can you guess the next figure in the sequence?

Tile Solitaire - Jump any tile with another either horizontally or vertically (but not diagonally) until only a single tile remains.

Quadrille - Group all similar tiles in formation.

8 Queens - The eight queens puzzle is the problem of putting eight chess queens on an 8x8 chessboard such that none of them is able to capture any other using the standard chess queen's moves.

Card Trick - This app can read your mind... Watch & be amazed!

Tubes - Click a square to rotate a portion of the tube. Align all tubes correctly & you win.

Factoids - Fortune cookie like program. Displays one of 300 random, odd facts. Uses binary file access for speed.

Negative - Causes your mouse pointer to move in the opposite direction you push it (snicker). Press ALT+X to unload.

Einstein's Riddle - Einstein wrote this riddle early the 20th century. He said 98% of the world could not solve it. Its not hard, you just need to pay attention and be patient.

Pyramid Solitaire - Nifty card game. Features a shaped window.

Picture Puzzle - Properly arrange the pieces of the puzzle. 'Peek' mode. Harder than it looks...

Mouse Cam - Hilarious gag - Take pictures with an optical mouse!

XMAS Bonus - What would you do with your xmas bonus, hmm? Gag xmas card. Animated cursor with xmas medley in MIDI format.

Flip - Flips your desktop upside down. Hands down the best way to harmlessly annoy your buddies. Simply press the space key to set things back to normal.

Bikini Jackpot - Hit the jackpot & see scantily clad models. Nothing hard core. Has a 'cheat' key, but you gotta find it.

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