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BCX converts your BCX BASIC source code into high performing, efficient C\C++ source code. Use C\C++ libraries and header files without having to first convert them into BASIC.

BCX is great for long time BASIC lovers, as well as anyone looking for an easy to grasp, rational approach to creating small, fast, native code Windows Desktop apps.

BCX uses traditional BASIC statements, commands and functions, along with many new features for easily creating 32/64 bit Windows desktop apps. If you've used QuickBasic, TurboBasic, PowerBasic, or VB6 then you will feel right at home coding in BCX.

Start enjoying the Ease Of BASIC and the Power of C!

So ... Just How Powerful is BCX?

BCX is programmed entirely using BCX BASIC and it is FAST!   BCX translates its own source code, over 31,000 lines of code, in under 1 second on a modest Intel i5 desktop computer running Windows 10 Pro.

BCX BASIC to C/C++ Translator (c) 1999-2020 by Kevin Diggins
Version 7.5.3 (2020/08/27) Compiled for 64-bit Windows using LLVM-CLANG
[Lines In: 31244] [Lines Out: 39518] [Statements: 28363] [Time: 0.65 sec's]
BCX translated bc.bas to bc.c For a C Compiler

The source code produced by BCX is highly compatible and
has been successfully compiled using these popular compilers:

MS Visual C/C++
LLVM/Clang C/C++
Mingw32/64 C/C++
Pelles C Compiler
LccWin32 C Compiler
Embarcadero C++
Digital Mars C/C++
Open Watcom C/C++

When BCX converts your BASIC files to C\C++, only the functions and data that your program uses are written out to the .c or .cpp file.  That keeps your code size as small as possible. If you are just starting out with C compilers, BCX willl be a tremendous teaching tool for you. The source code that BCX generates is formatted, easy to read, and well thought out.  BCX has been around for 20 years, and a lot of user input and know-how has made BCX what it is today.

BCX includes the command line translator, various code generators, menu and message box wizards, an outstanding, indexed and searchable BCX Programmer Help file, and hundreds of GUI, Console Mode, and DLL sample programs that will help you get up to speed quickly using BCX.

After installing BCX, join the forum, so you can download the latest version of the BCX Translator and Help File which are updated regularly.

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BCX includes built-in, late-binding COM support that can be mixed
and compiled along with your regular program code using a style that
anyone with previous scripting experience will find familiar and easy to use.



 SET Xls = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

 Xls.Visible = TRUE

 Xls.Cells(1, 1).Value = "Name"
 Xls.Cells(1, 1).Font.Bold = TRUE
 Xls.Cells(1, 1).Interior.ColorIndex = 30
 Xls.Cells(1, 1).Font.ColorIndex = 2
 Xls.Cells(2, 1).Value = "Test value 1"
 Xls.Cells(3, 1).Value = "Test value 2"
 Xls.Cells(4, 1).Value = "Tets value 3"
 Xls.Cells(5, 1).Value = "Test value 4"

 SET Rng = Xls.Range("A1","A5")
 Rng.Font.Size = 14

 SET Rng = Xls.Range("A2","A5")
 Rng.Interior.ColorIndex = 36

 SLEEP (1000)

 Xls.DisplayAlerts = FALSE



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Charles Petzold's books cannot be beat for their
depth of explanation and easy to follow samples.

1,500 pages and a CD-Rom with all the source code.


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